From the start, Kevin, his architect, Vince, and his project manager, Flint, were professional and extremely thorough on all aspects of the design of our home. Kevin and his team had a good feel for our taste and they provided great input and ideas that were eventually incorporated into our home.

We must also commend the finishing work that Shelter provides. All of the wood floors, trim and wood beams were finished beautifully, better than any home we've been in. The detail and quality dedicated to every piece of wood, wall coverings, carpeting and cabinetry was exceptional, you really get a fantastic home when it is finished by Shelter West.

We were very happy with Shelter West and if we happen to build another home down the road, we certainty will choose Shelter
West. ~Larry & Sharon Kolb

We were particularly impressed with the quality of the sub-contractors that Shelter West selected. They were true craftsmen as well as being extremely courteous and friendly to both of us as we would stop by to check on our home's progress. It became very obvious that Shelter West sets high standards when it comes to the quality of work performed by the subs. Thanks again for your part in helping us make our “Montana Dream” a reality.
~ Gary & Judy Hoffman

Dear all at Shelter West ~
it was a pleasure working with all of you this past year. Thank you for all that you did for us. We are loving are new home and the quality workmanship you’ve put into it. It’s great! Now we hope you find more neighbors for us.
~ John and Mary Lou Hauck

Bob and I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for our custom home. From the outset of this project you provided guidance, humor, and outstanding craftsmanship. We heard horror stories about the stressors involved in building one’s own home, and were a bit concerned that we might have made the wrong decision in building our home, rather than purchasing an existing home. It soon became apparent that we had made the right decision. You and your team, particularly Jason Ayers, enabled us to enjoy the journey of building our dream home.
Thank you for this home!
~ Sincerely Joan & Bob Hoedel

We could not love our new addition more! Bill thinks it's the best thing we have ever done and I am inclined to agree. It accomplishes everything we hoped it would and so beautifully brings the outdoors in. We are loving the space and looking forward to enjoying our beautiful patio when the weather permits. My Costco bargain (the firepit) hasn't lived up to our expectations, but that can be replaced in time. We would still like to finish the fireplace chimney this spring and would appreciate any assistance you can give us. Thank you for doing such a great job and for being so great to work with!
~ Sincerely Judy& Bill Brodsky

I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitute for how you recently handled the garage repair and remodel of my decks at my home. I especially appreciated how quickly you responded to my needs as well as getting the jobs done in a timely manner. The work was done very well, all the workers were pleasant and efficient, and it was completed in such a manner that you wouldn't even know the runaway car accident happened.

It also gave me an opportunity to get my decks remodeled and up to date. It is comforting to know that the work completed by you is still as professional and well done as when you built my home in 1997.

Again, I appreciate your concern for me and getting a necessary job done well and in a timely manner.
~ Sincerely Laura Paul